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Transforming patient Transfer –
Placement process by eliminating
all manual interventions in care transitions.




We offer an integrated interoperability platform that automates care transitions, accelerates discharge process and enables health systems to take control of demand, capacity, and throughput. By streamlining the care transitions process we deliver improved productivity, transparency, efficiency and significant cost savings. We can create efficiency in the market and improve patient engagement, satisfaction, and treatment outcomes. We can help clients overcome the administration challenges in care transitions.



Our PYLONIX expert RN Care Transitions Case Manager (CTCM) team can assist in assessing the maturity and effectiveness of your Care Transition Processes. The CTCM RN Team can provide guidance throughout the Patients Care Transition journey, while always leveraging best practices.​ Our CTCM RN Team can be used and leveraged as needed, 24/7, 365 days a year, and/or contracted for full undertaking of your facilities’ Case Management Needs! ​PYLONIX will be your partner and ally throughout the Care Transition process when and where you need Us! ​

About our product

Our solution

We challenge convention to address some of the key issues the healthcare industry faces today – eliminating all manual interventions in Care Transitions. Together we can accelerate your innovation process and disrupt the status quo.

What you get

PYLONIX modules

Acute Care

Electronic patient transfer placement, and referral management system between Acute & Post-Acute provider facilities.

Post-Acute Care

Dedicated Post-Acute Care process request. Done in a timely manner including the completion of all the benefit verification work before your patients’ visit.


Prior Authorization

Dedicated PA (Prior Authorization) process request. Completed in a timely manner with verification of all eligibility before your patients’ visit.


Automated transportation request & scheduling system for both EMT & NEMT services.

Eligibility Verification

On-demand electronic eligibility verification with a simple click, provides documentation of insurance eligibility.

Durable medical equipment

Automated equipment request scheduling, and delivery system.

How it works

Unlocking the Magic:
How Our Product Works

Our software acts as a gateway between acute and post-acute settings. It is an application within EPIC and is integrated with 94+ other EHR systems including Cerner and Meditech. Our system is both HIPAA and HITRUST compliant.

We provide direct integration with PointClickCare that supports data exchange between hospitals and Skilled Nursing Facilities.

We are a SaaS solution offering:
•Reduced time to benefit
•Scalability & integration
•Ease of access, use & flexibility

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