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PYLONIX provides you the insight and tools to redefine your Care Transitions strategy.

We connect different solutions into one product

PYLONIX product consists of the following modules which are integrated into one interoperable system- that makes your business life simpler and streamlines the Care Transition process.

 Acute Care

Electronic patient transfer placement, and referral management system between Acute & Post-Acute provider facilities.

Eligibility Verification

On-demand electronic eligibility verification with a simple click, provides documentation of insurance eligibility.


Automated transportation request and scheduling system for both EMT & NEMT services.

Post-Acute Care

Dedicated Post-Acute Care process request. Done in a timely manner including the completion of all the benefit verification work before your patients’ visit.

Prior Authorization

Dedicated PA (Prior Authorization) process request. Completed in a timely manner with verification of all eligibility before your patients’ visit.

Durable medical equipment

Automated equipment request scheduling, and delivery system.

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